Secure Cloud Backup

Why use C2M Systems Secure Cloud Backup Service?

While doing your own backups is important, if they are stored at the same location as the main files, then a disaster such as fire, theft, flood or earthquake could still destroy all copies of the data. A cloud-based backup overcomes this issue by storing your backup at a remote location.

DVDs or tapes are susceptible to loss, theft or damage but the biggest issue is the manual effort required to perform backups regularly.

C2M Systems Secure Cloud Backup performs your backups automatically and stores your data off-site without manual effort on your part. Your backup logs are monitored by us daily and any issues will be immediately addressed.

You won’t give backup another thought

C2M Systems Secure Cloud Backup protects your corporate files against loss and damage without any effort on your part. Your data is stored data in state-of-the-art data centres and encrypted for privacy using 256-bit AES, and then transferred over the Internet from your system to our data centre using 1024-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Once in storage, your data is monitored 24/7/365 by expert technicians.

Manual methods are risky and costly

CDs/DVDs, USB hard drives and tapes are easily scratched, lost or stolen. Slow and time consuming, they burden your staff and limit your total storage capacity. Sorting through tapes and CDs to restore your data creates costly delays in company workflow.

Save time and money

Don’t waste your time and budget on manual backup methods. C2M Systems Secure Cloud Backup runs automatically on a schedule designed to avoid interfering with your daily workflow.  You only pay for what you use—a low monthly fee per server based on the amount of data stored.

Efficient is smarter

C2M Systems Secure Cloud Backup software only uploads changes made since your last backup, so you don’t waste time or space resaving files that haven’t changed. We ensure that backups are as condensed as possible to save you the bandwidth and money you would have spent on bigger storage.

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