Email Services

Cloud-based E-Mail Management Services

E-mail services are moving into the cloud.  This means your e-mail is more easily accessible from other locations and available on more devices such as Smartphones and Tablets.  Additionally, cloud-based e-mail provides a much larger mailbox thereby greatly reducing the need to archive older e-mail.

 Service we provide includes:

  • Customised Cloud Solution – C2M Systems Ltd can offer you a cloud-based solution to best suit your business needs and budget.
  • Mobile Integration – We can integrate your Smartphone or Tablet providing you with a single mailbox for all messages across all devices.



  •  Simple alternative to in-house deployments:
    Cloud-based e-mail makes business e-mail available simply, immediately and with complete flexibility. Available at a far lower cost than maintaining, deploying and supporting in-house systems.
  • Increased Storage:
    Cloud-based e-mail usually provide a 35GiB mailbox allowing you to store several years’ worth of messages.
  • Reduced Cost:
    Cloud technology is paid incrementally, saving you money.  The load on your server is reduced improving its speed and reliability.
  • Scalability:
    You can scale your businesses e-mail needs Since you pay on a month to month basis, if you wish to add more uses you never have to purchase additional hardware, software licenses or worry about overloading your server.
  • Remote Access:
    Users can easily access and update information wherever they are, rather than having to run back the office.
  • Disaster Relief:
    With your company’s data safely stored on secure data centers instead of your server room (previously known as your storage closet), losing power due to storms, or power loss, you are back at work as long as you have an internet connection.